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Recovery Alliance Duluth (RAD) is a community organization that connects people seeking recovery to peers who have walked a similar path and are trained to help through peer-to-peer recovery support. We recognize that there are many pathways to recovery. We connect you with someone who has walked in your shoes to help you on your journey.

Recovery is a journey. Here’s ours.

Beth’s Story

I was in my early teens when I first experimented with alcohol. The thing I remember most about the experience, was how carefree and calm...
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Kyle’s Story

Jody Ann Elden’s Story I am Kyle Heyesen, the oldest child in a family of four girls, each two years apart, Kacey the second and...
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How We Help

  • We connect you with people who are in recovery and have personal experience and training to support you.
  • We connect you to resources that can give you the tools you need to move forward with your recovery.
  • We help allies, families, friends, providers, and people in recovery through connection, individual or group recovery support, activities, and events.
  • We are not a treatment center. We’re not medical professionals. We are community members passionate about making recovery accessible and breaking the stigma around substance use disorder.
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