RAD is built to help individuals seeking recovery, family members that need support, and the community-at-large reduce the shame and stigma around substance use disorder. We accomplish this through peer-to-peer recovery support, community education, and advocacy.

Peer-to-Peer Recovery Support

A Peer Recovery Specialist is a coach who can relate to your experience because they have been through recovery themselves and know what it takes to achieve a healthy life.

Our Peer Recovery Specialists give judgment-free, non-clinical support to individuals seeking or going through recovery. They are your connection to tools and resources and can help you build a personalized plan based on who you are and where you are at in the recovery process. Your Peer Recovery Specialist is with you every step of the way, cheering you on through the ups and downs of recovery without judgment.

Connect with someone who can share your experience and help you rebuild your life.

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Awareness and Education

Stigma is a public health issue.

It affects all of us. We live in a society where millions of people are dependent on drugs or alcohol, yet only a fraction receive treatment at a facility. Through raising awareness, RAD seeks to engage and empower people with Substance Use Disorder to share their experiences. In this way, together we can educate our community, eliminate barriers, and make recovery accessible for everyone.

RAD wants to mobilize recovery in our region. We advocate at the community level for policy change, with the objective of inspiring others to recover or to get involved by volunteering or choosing a career path in Peer Recovery Support.

If you are interested in RAD educational or informational presentations for your group, please contact us.

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